Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Portuguese Development NGOs run project on Europe-Africa Dialogue during Presidency

The Portuguese NGDO Platform has launched a project focused on the Europe-Africa Dialogue for the second half of 2007. Taking into account the Portuguese Presidency of the EU and the EU-Africa Summit, the Portuguese NGDO Platform has prepared a project focused on civil society participation in the dialogue between the European and African continents. This project entitled “New dynamics of North-South Solidarity: Promoting an acting involvement of Civil Society in the Euro-African dialogue” will address three main interconnected themes: Governance, Migration, and Development Co-operation. Its main event will be a Civil Society Forum gathering in Lisbon representatives from European and African organisations. The Forum will take place ahead of the Europe-Africa official summit.

The Portuguese NGDO Platform was established in 1985. Currently, it comprises more than 50 member organisations, active within the development realm. Taking into account its members’ diversity, the Platform aims at creating synergies among civil society organisations, as well as fostering co-operation with official entities, both at the national and international levels, in order to enhance the impact of its activities. Find more information at: www.plataformaongd.pt.

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