Tuesday, 2 October 2007

First EU report on policy coherence for development

(CIDSE) Presented as a staff working paper, the first report done by the Commission on Policy Coherence for Development doesn’t bring much new information but confirms the fact that there is still a long way to go. It closes with the following remarks:

"In terms of concrete results however, progress remains below the ambition set in the European Consensus on Development. Awareness and knowledge remain insufficient. The involvement of actors beyond the development community is still limited, both within the institutions and within civil society and the private sector.
Continuous high-level political commitment is needed to ensure further progress so that, the coherence, effectiveness and visibility agenda of 'Europe in the World' becomes a reality.
This in turn calls for increased awareness of the fact that development and poverty reduction are eventually in Europe's own interest … There are also still a number of potential links that should be further explored. Dialogue with developing countries on the effects of EU policies other than aid must be enhanced, at country and regional levels as well as globally. The process of drawing up Country Strategy Papers offers a framework in which the Commission and Member States can develop such policy dialogue. The relevance of the PCD approach to developing countries' own policies should also be considered, since in most policy areas the positive impact of EU policies depends on parallel efforts being undertaken by partner countries. The inclusion of PCD in the new Joint EU-Africa Strategy under preparation is an important step in that direction."

Download the report >>> here.

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