Saturday, 5 April 2008

Alternative Ecofin endorsed Ljubljana Declaration

At the same time that the European Council for Economic and Financial Affairs (Ecofin) met in an informal meeting behind closed doors, trade unions, civil society groups and critical scholars have organised a public conference on the current economic and social policies of the European Union. In this Alternative Ecofin they made it clear that, contrary to the official view, the Union is in critical social and political difficulties. This is mainly due to the choice of policies which are harmful for the majority of the people in the Union and benefit only a small but powerful minority. The Alternative Ecofin challenged the assertion that there is no alternative to an increasingly neo-liberal policy and presented and discussed proposals for alternatives in various fields. They insist that broad public discussion must go on and this will contribute to the emerging of new relations of forces and power which are needed for a change towards a policy for a democratic, social and sustainable Europe. Find the full text of the Declaration if Ljubljana >>> here.

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