Friday, 4 February 2011

World Social Forum 2011 Dakar: A new direction to tackle global challenges

The world needs a new direction, rather than small course-adjustments. This motto brings CIDSE, members and partner organisations from around the globe to the 2011 World Social Forum (WSF) in Dakar. Between 6 and 11 February the international alliance of Catholic development agencies and partners will discuss the profound changes needed to tackle issues such as hunger, climate change and global financial instability. The World Social Forum offers an alternative and more democratic model of leadership, where people are at the heart of solutions to global challenges.

“Governments have not put in place just and adequate policies to tackle the multiple crises the world faces”, said Bernd Nilles, Secretary General of CIDSE who will attend the forum. “Rising food prices, unresolved climate negotiations, global economic imbalances... they are all symptoms of our failure to act on global challenges. The World Social Forum demonstrates that people want the world to take a new course. It is time that politicians sit up and listen to their ideas.”

The World Social Forum (WSF), designed as an alternative to the World Economic Forum, provides a powerful antidote to a system which puts money rather than people first. In Dakar, CIDSE, its members, and partner organisations will join thousands of people from all over the world to plot out strategies to achieve pro-poor policies in the short term, and find answers to fundamental questions for our future.

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